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Engineering Software
E2 Shop Systems/Manufacturing Control
  • Quoting & Estimations

  • Order Entry & Control throughout the manufacturing

  • Real-Time Data collection at work centers

  • Material and Inventory control

  • Scheduling and Manufacturing Planning

  • Quality 

  • Accounting

Solid Works 2020/CAD Mechanical Engineering Design Package
  • 3D Design, Modeling, and Simulation

Sigma-Nest 10.0   CAD-Nesting
  • Automatic or manual part nesting and tool path for cutting systems

  • Used on our Laser, Plasma, and Punch Plasma cutting centers

EDI "Electronic Data Interchange"
  • Advanced Ship Notices….856

  • Invoicing…….810

  • Contracts……..830

Cam Works / CAD-CAM Software Package
  • 2D and 3D machining software to convert CAD to machining programs for machining projects

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