Paint, Finish, & Special Surface Conditions
  • 1 Paint Booth 24ft x 40 ft
    Airless Air Assisted
    5 Gallon Mixing Pot
    1 Quart Cup Guns for special mixes


  • Zinc Plating, Chrome, Anodizing, Copper Flashing, and Phosphate & Oil
    (all done through local vendors/suppliers)


Heating Treating: 
  • All done through outside vendors, certification test reports provided, and available to customers at their request

Powder Coating:
  • Powder coating is a "dry" painting process. Ground particles of pigment and resin are charged electrostatically and sprayed onto electrically grounded metal components. The charged particles, which adhere to the components, are heated in an oven which fuses the ‘’powder’’ to the surface. The baked finish is tough, attractive, durable, scratch-resistant, and high quality.  Available in many colors and textures.

  • Part Size Max: 10ft Length X 8ft Wide X 5ft Tall